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Unibroach Drills

Unibroach Annular Cutters

For use with Airbor™, Hougen, Jancey and Similar Machines

Unibroach M42 drills are made for the toughest hole-cutting operations throughout industry; for shop or on-site drilling of virtually any metal; for manufacture of machine tools and other machinery or consumer products; for all automotive, marine and air transportation equipment: for all construction applications, including steel yard or job-site drilling of structural steel; for building of bridges, refineries and chemical plants and all process lines and equipment;for oil field, pipeline and utility maintenance and construction


  • Standard material is M42 steel (8% Cobalt) which is much tougher than the M2 high speed steel typically used for this type of annular cutter.
  • Unibroach drills have more cutting teeth, which reduces individual tooth loading.
  • Cut holes easier, more efficiently in tough-to-cut metals, such as stainless steels.
  • 3/4" diameter shanks: use Hougen, Jancy, Bosch, Black & Decker and similar magnetic drilling machines with 3/4" arbor collets. Or use our Morse Taper arbors to adapt to a wide variety of production-line machine tools.
  • Available with Weldon shanks for additional machine adaptability.
  • Fractional and metric sizes: Standard sizes up to 2-1/16" diameter for 1", 2" and 3" hole depths, and up to 80mm diameter for 25mm and 50mm hole depths.
unibroach annular cutters

Armor Plated Unibroach Cutters

Armor Plated Unibroach Cutters drill faster and last up to four times longer than traditional high-speed steel cutters. Multiple layers of Titanium Aluminum Nitride coat the cutter surface and protect it from wear while lowering the coefficient of friction, thereby greatly reducing the heat generated.


  • 3 to 4 times longer tool life with TiAlN coating
  • Drill with less friction and more power
  • Withstands higher working temperatures – up to 1480°F (800°C)
  • Dry drilling or lubricating with water simplifies working conditions and cleanup
  • Prevents cold weld – metal chips do not adhere to the cutter
  • Ideal for structural steel and hard metal
  • 3/4" dia. shank (1-1/4" dia. shank available)
Armor Plated Unibroach Cutters