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Tube Expanders

1/4" I.D. to 4 1/2" O.D. (6.4 to 114.3mm)

tube expander

H&S offers compact, powerful and reliable rolling equipment, making us your single source for rental or purchase of tube milling, cutting and rolling equipment.

The reliable pneumatic powered rolling motors range from small 1,000 rpm models, for condenser tubes, up to large units that produce 600 ft.lbs. (821.1 Nm) of torque, for high pressure boiler tubes. All models feature variable torque with sensing cam for accurate automatic expanding.

Rolling motors are shipped with handle, adapter and air hose with a dual swivel connection and filter.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tube Pulling
  • Internal Tube Cutting
  • Reliable Pneumatic Power
  • Simple Operation
  • Straight and Right Angle Heads
  • Full Complement of Expanders, Mandrels and Accessories
  • Rental or Purchase