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Industrial Pneumatic Tools


  • Alloy steel hammer cases machined from solid bar not drawn or cast.
  • Model number stamped in motor housing under the name plate for permanent identification.
  • High power to weight ratio.
  • 100% parts interchangeability to the equivalent tool.
  • Your replacement parts inventory will work for any tool you purchase.
  • 100% American Made.

Twin Hammer Series:

Steel clutch housing ... 3 piece housing construction for ease of maintenance ... pressure feed lubrication for impact mechanism ... built in oil lubricator for air motor ... available in #5 spline or square drive ... adjustable power regulator for forward and reverse power control ... ergonomic handle ... exhaust with sound reducing muffler.

pneumatic tools ATP 7510 PT-TH pneumatic tools ATP 7520 PT-TH pneumatic tools ATP 1040 EI-TH pneumatic tools ATP 1550 EO-TH

Ball and Cam Series:

Pneumatic Tools ATP 1578 LT-TH

Precision ball and cam mechanism converts air motor torque into powerful rotary impacts ... a time-tested design for maximum durability ... ideal for soft joint applications.

Two Jaw Clutch Series:

High energy per blow for maximum performance ... rugged steel clutch housing, 3 piece housing construction for ease of maintenance ... sound reducing muffler, available in #5 spline and square drive with either inside or outside throttle ... assist handle is standard, D Handle-optional on 1011 and 1520.

pneumatic tools ATP 1520 EO-5S pneumatic tools ATP 1011 EI-TH pneumatic tools ATP 7560 PT-TH

Chipping Hammers

pneumatic chipping hammer

ATP's ergonomically designed "Heavy Duty" handle eliminates handle breakage. Our crisp smooth valve operation produces extra hard hitting power, while our heat treated alloy steel cylinder and piston provide long life. ATP offers a light weight aluminum handle chipper.

Standard equipment includes: Chisel Retainer, Chisel Retainer Spring.

Favored by contractors and industrial users alike, the new ATP Chipping Hammer sets new standards for American made pneumatic tools. Available in the popular 2"-3"-4" stroke versions with either hex or round chisel bushings. If you need a rugged, reliable performer on your job site, you can't do better than the new ATP Heavy Duty Chipping Hammer.

ATP Chippers are ergonomically advanced in design, the ergonomic closed grip handle locates the operator's hand and arm in-line with the chisel for maximum effectiveness and operator comfort. This makes the ATP Chipper easier to handle and more comfortable when used over long periods of time.

Standard Equipment

  • Oval collar retainer P/N 250012-525
  • Spring P/N 250012-529 and 1/2" hose barb inlet P/N 3CH-46

Optional Equipment

  • Nozzle bushing removal tool P/N 3CH-931
  • Exhaust deflector installation tool P/N 3CH-932
  • 1/2" hose barb swivel assembly P/N 3CH-A165 (3/8" NPT)
  • 1/2" hose barb swivel assembly P/N 3388 (7/8" x 24)
  • Long reach handle conversion kit P/N LCH-1A