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Scaling and Chipping Hammers

N-Series Scaling & Needle Scaling Hammers

  • Scalers are made from tough, heat-treated American steel
  • Quick release needle attachment converts needle scaler to chisel scaler in seconds
  • Front exhaust keeps work area clean
  • Needle scalers available with either 5" or 7" needles at no extra charge
  • Three-positon "J" slot on needle scaler allows compensation for needle wear
scaling hammers

F-1000 Series

  • Extreme hard-hitting action tool can be used as a compact chipping hammer
  • Quick change 4-ball type chisel retainer
  • Possible four-way positioning of chisel
  • Choice of lever or push type throttle
scaling hammers

Light Duty Chipping Hammer N-16 Series

  • Hard hitting action for fast chipping and peening
  • Adjustable 360 deg. side exhaust deflector
  • Heavy duty spring type chisel retainer
  • Available with either a hex, round or taper tool nose
chipping hammers