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Flange Facing

Simple, Fast, Accurate

H&S Tool offers four models of reliable pipe machine tools with premium flange facing conversion accessories. Each is powered by reliable pneumatic or electric motors to accurately meet your job site or shop requirements.

The tools are portable, making them ideal for use in the field. Setup and operation is easily handled by a single worker.

Kits include everything necessary to convert your Model B, MS, MT, or MFT beveling tool with illustrated instructions.

Standard wedge plates can be used for internal locking or precisioon elbow mandrels are available. The mandrels are designed to mount in short-radius elbows (models BF and MSF in 1/2" [12.7 mm], model MTF in 1" [25.4 mm] and model MFTF in 11/4" [31.8 mm]). Centering and squaring devices make accurate machining of gasket surfaces and/or bolt patterns simple and safe.