Circular Mills

CM6200 Circular Mill

CM6200 Circular Mill

For machining large flanges 73.5 – 199 inches (1866.9 – 5054.6 mm) in diameter, and featuring a center machine clearance designed to fit over 24 inch (609.6 mm) diameter kingpins, this Circular Mill can be configured for powerful milling, single-Point machining and grinding operations. Extraordinary rigidity, versatility, and power are at your fingertips – this machine can handle your toughest large flange machining jobs quickly and efficiently. For smaller ranges view the FF7200 or FF8200 Flange Facers.

Features & Benefits:

Quality Machine Design Provides Rigid, Power-Packed Performance

  • Extraordinarily rigid design ensures consistent, high-quality machining.
  • Large diameter pre-loaded precision bearing and linear guide ways for the most rigid machining platform.
  • Radial and axial travel uses precision ball screws.
  • Milling head with #50 taper spindle easily handles face mill up to 10 inches (254.0 mm) in diameter.
  • Adjustable counterweight provides precise balance in vertical applications.
  • Center machine clearance designed to fit over 24 inch (609.6 mm) diameter kingpin.

Flexible and Versatile

  • Can be configured for milling or singlepoint machining.
  • Single point option allows user to cut chamfers and seal ring grooves, and machine phonographic finishes.
  • Air grinder also available for fine finishes for sealing surfaces.
  • Hydraulic drive or servo drive with touchscreen pendant and angular control options available.
  • Spindle has 8 inches (203.2 mm) of travel and is also capable of drilling.
  • Multiple mounting options including ID/ OD or face-mounted configurations.
  • Swivel plate option allows milling head to rotate 360°.
  • Infinitely adjustable arm position for limited swing clearance applications.

Rapid Setup & Operation

  • Tubular rigid chucking system with leveling feet allow machine to be leveled after mounting in the flange for simple & speedy setup.
  • Modular design allows many of the machine components to be removed to facilitate easier setup and storage.
  • Servo control with touchscreen pendant allows a wide range of speed adjustments from rapid advance for setup to slow machining speeds for precise control during machining.
  • Servo angular control system with touchscreen pendant provides precision control of cutter placement and positioning.

Applications include:

  • Heavy construction and mining.
  • Crane pedestals.
  • Wind tower fabrication.


ID Mounting Diameters:

  • 78.9 – 177.2 inches (2004.1 – 4500.9 mm)

Milling Diameters:

  • 73.5 – 199 inches (1866.9 – 5054.6 mm)

Min Turning Arm Swing Diameter:

  • 135.6 inches (3444.2 mm)

Max Turning Arm Swing Diameter:

  • 197 inches (5003.8 mm)