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Hydraulic Tube Sleeving

hydraulic tube sleeving

After years of hands-on experience in the industry, HydroPro, Inc. is proud to offer BoilerPro, the new, proven system for completely sealing boiler tubes the first time. Responding to the needs of our customers, this tool represents a huge step forward in tube expansion technology.

The BoilerPro is easy to use, requiring minimal training. This means that even inexperienced personnel will have no trouble handling this equipment.

The BoilerPro tube expansion system consists of an air driven power supply unit, a pull cylinder unit with umbilical hose assembly, and the mandrel assembly for the tube size being expanded.

Boiler tubes seal completely the first time, even during re-tubing, with minimal wall thinning to jeopardize the integrity of your tubes. Even leaky tubes which have been rolled and re-rolled can be expanded by the BoilerPro, reducing or even eliminating the leaks


  • Approximately five seconds per tube expansion time.
  • Zero operator strain: all reaction force is absorbed by the tool.
  • Minimal wall thinning. Initial cost is competitive to rollers, with a minimal per/tube cost thereafter.
  • One mandrel accommodates 3/8" to 1¼" header thickness.
  • Tooling available to easily accommodate any standard boiler tube diameter from 1.5" to 3".
  • The option of flaring (or belling) the tube end protruding from primary face of tube sheet.
  • A variable width expansion zone within the tube sheet.
  • The ability to bulge or seal the tube at the secondary face.
  • The operations can be done simultaneously or independently of each other at the users discretion.