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Tube Alingment Clamps

There are currently 3 sizes of Boiler Tube Alignment Clamps available.

  • Small ( A model ) - 7/8” Through 1-3/4” OD Tubes
  • Large ( B model ) - 1-1/2 Through 2-1/2” OD Tubes
  • Large ( D model ) - 2-1/2" through 3" OD Tubes

When ordering please specify OD of tubing and width of membrane if clamps are to be used on waterwall tubes.

  • 2 ea. - U-bolts with extra nuts and washers are supplied with each clamp at no extra cost.
  • Order as many U-bolts as you think will be needed for the job, there is no charge for U-bolts that are returned in unused condition.
  • Ratchet Wrenches or ½” drive deep well sockets ( 11/16” ) can be supplied if requested.
A model tube alignment clamp

"A" Model Clamp - used on a 1-1/4" water wall tube panel

"A" model clamps fit 7/8" OD through 1-3/4" OD tubes.

B and D model tube alignment clamps

"B" & "D" Model Clamp

"B" model clamps fit 1-1/2" OD through 2-1/2" OD tubes.

"D" model clamps fit 2-1/2" OD through 3" OD tubes.

S model tube alignment clamps

"S" Model Clamp

Special Clamps that are short on one end can be used where obstruction such as a header, bend or swedge prevents the use of a normal clamp.