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For Model Ti, BR140 and MB110

Our patent protected Multi-Prep® innovation has proven to be so effective in improving productivity and quality that the general concept has been expanded to include a complete family of cutters.

These cutters include customization of standard Multi-Prep® designs such as the extended reach for fin removal/O.D. clean and O.D. bevel cutter. Others have specialized tool options like our single side clad removal cutter. The cutter head is mounted on a tool with an offset centershaft to accurately remove cladding from just one side of the tube. The other side is untouched.

Place the same cutter on a tool with a sandard centershaft and you can clean tube O.D.'s, remove wear resistent cladding and/or remove membranes from panel tubes.

H&S Tool will customize tools and adapt cutters to solve your tough tube and pipe machining problems.