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Surface Finishing Equipment

LP 1503 VR (Electric) LP 1503 AIR (Pneumatic)

The powerful LP 1503 AIR/VR sanding/polishing machines produce a uniform surface finish faster and easier without leaving visible transitions or shadows. Compact, lightweight and heavy duty, the versatile LP 1503 AIR/VR are perfect for finishing, polishing, graining, brushing, blending, glazing, deburring, cleaning welds, roughing and more. Wide range of abrasive and polishing accessories are available.


  • Speed Preselection
  • VR Full-Wave Electronic Control
  • Tachogenerator
  • Adjustable Guide Rollers
  • 100 MM Working Width
  • Smooth, Kick-Free Start
  • Overload Protection
  • 27 MM Suction Nozzle
  • Wrenches not required for changing brushes
  • Air Cushioning
  • Rotary Cooling for Lower Temperatures
  • Light Weight (8 lbs.)
Surface Finishing

LBS 105 VV

"The Belt-Filing Machine with the Slender Grinding Arm"

The flexible grinding arm enables the form-sensitive grinding of channel welds and contours. It's ergonomic, avoids fatigue and gives the best finish. The 9 mm arm even reaches into the narrow angles between rolling rods.


  • Quick action belt changing system
  • Comes complete with Belts (40/120/220 grit)
  • Preselection of belt speed
  • Smooth, kick-free start
  • Grinding arm adapts to contours
Surface Finishing Tools